A downloadable DeusExMachina for Android

DeusExMachina is a 3D space prototyping tool for VR/AR/MR products, like 2D UI prototyping tool; Figma, Sketch, InVision and so on.

Our product helps engineers, designers and producers testing the concepts of their xR products easily, rapidly and iteratively.

Our product is mainly for:

  • Engineers developing their products personally.
  • Designers or producers developing products in teams.

In our product, developers can make and share storyboards for their xR applications by:

  • loading 360 degree images for background.
  • loading WAV audios for BGM, effects and so on.
  • loading text files as 3D objects.
  • loading PNG images as 3D objects.
  • loading OBJ models as 3D objects.

Our product runs on:

  • Meta Quest
  • Web browser

We are prototyping our product.

Therefore, it provides features for:

  • loading PNG images as 3D objects.
  • loading preset models as 3D objects.
  • changing background colors.

and runs on Meta Quest only.


DeusExMachina.apk 31 MB
DeusExMachina.zip 236 MB

Install instructions

You can use our product after:

  1. downloading DeusExMachina.apk.
  2. installing the downloaded apk file into your Meta Quest.

If you want to add some images to our product, you have to add images you want to use into sdcard/Android/data/com.YggdrAshill.DeusExMachina/files/Pictures after running our product on Meta Quest.

We recommend that you should use SideQuest in order to:

  • install our product into your Meta Quest. 
  • add images into the directory.

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